Anyone has this issue before? + RANT!

I just moved to cloudways yesterday. I am very happy with the price I am paying and the speed I am getting.

I encountered an issue on all my sites. They typically follow this pattern.

  1. Made some changes in Wordpress. This could be adding some plugins, removing some themes…

  2. Suddenly, I will be logged out. Or if I am not actively on the site, I need to re-login again.

  3. All the changes previously will be lost and it will be reverted back.

These happen multiple times. And it happens on all my sites. Anyone encounter this issue too?

Seems to me like a backup and sync issue. Any thoughts?

PS. This section here is a rant. You can stop reading.
I chatted with support and it is horrendous! The guy told me its malware. Without really understanding my issue, he made that diagnosis. So I played along. Did some scans in Sucuri and Wordfence and it is completely clean. All this leads up to the attempt to sell on some Sucuri add on feature which they have. Which I am sure he will earn a commission on it too. I declined. Told him to solve my issue first before selling me. Then he wanted access to my site. Which after this incident lost all trust in him. No way am I sharing my login with you. What if you decide to inject a malware and then try to sell me your stuff again!? No way…On the second day and already a bad experience with customer support. I hope this is just a bad apple and not true for all. Looking for a long term relationship.

Couple things to try to narrow the issue down.

Check your WP settings and make sure your site URL match your Cloudways domain settings.
Disable Caching Breeze Plugin
Disable Varnish when editing the site
If you are using visual page editor, clear the cache within the plugin’s settings.

Hey Scamando, thank you for your reply.

Yupe. I have double-checked it in my Wordpress settings and it matched.

I did not have this activated. I use WP FASTEST CACHE instead.

I read that a lot of people have issues with Varnish, so I disabled it right from the start. Will probably go back to it in the future when I have more mental bandwidth, but for now, it is disabled.

Yes. This is also cleared as well.

From what you are suggesting. It seems like it is most likely a cache issue?

It sounds like 1.caching or 2. possible DNS temporarily bouncing between old host and new. I would check your old host, if you still have access, and see if those missing changes were made on that site instead.

Hey Scamando, yes they were! Up to a certain point.

I was initially confused on why the changes were there…

What could be the reason for this? Why did this happen? How could I prevent/rectify this?

Thank you very much for your insights.

This is caused by DNS or redirect issue.

When you change a domain to point to another server, this can take a few minutes to a few days. Sometimes visitors are visiting the new site and sometimes they are visiting the old website, until DNS is fully propagated. You might have been making edits on the old website. You can read about DNS propagation on Google.

The second scenario would be redirect issue. Your site has a incorrect link. So you login and your site redirets you to old site, or cloudways temp url. The easier way to determine this is look at your browser URL and view address location when you notice an error.

A great way to solve both issues is install flagfox or udomain extension for your browser. This will show what the website’s IP, which you can determinie if its old host or cloudway host.

and yes, some of the support is amazing and some are not. Dont be discouraged, just ask for someone with more experience or higher up in the chain in a polite way and you will get the help.

Ah…thank you for clarifying. It makes sense now…the issue seems to have solved itself once I clear all cache on my wordpress and also on cloudways. And it has already been more than 4 days, the DNS issues may have already been propagated.

Thank you for taking the time! Yes, I did chat with a few support recently and they are amazing.