Anyone else having issues with file ownership?

It seems that almost every site I host has some kind of issue which has to be fixed by ticket to CL. Permissions often don’t allow me to delete extensions on either Joomla or WordPress and have to changed from master to application user. The reset permissions link in the CP doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Anyone else?

I’ve never had a permissions problem that the reset permissions link in the CP hasn’t fixed. I only host WP sites though, no Joomla sites.

Why do you have to address the support? You can always reset permissions on your own from Cloudways dashboard for each application.

Did you see the sentence about it not working for me?

" The reset permissions link in the CP doesn’t seem to have any effect."

They have replied as follows "We would like to inform you that every server has 3 users, Root user, Master user, and application user When the application is launched the default ownership is set to application user but resetting the permissions from the console change the ownership to master user which some times create issue for the application so we have to revert it manually. "

So it would seem that using the reset link changes the permissions back again.

If you are still facing this issue, please share the ticket number with me a long with your registered email address so that I can have a look into it.

Ibad Rehman