Anybody tried Stackpath CDN?


Anyone has experience with Stackpath CDN?
I know that cloudways has partner with Stackpath. However, I am not allowed to use Cloudways CDN because I have multisite wp install. Which really is only one site, with two subfolders.

For now, I am using keycdn, which is ok, but, most of my traffic is from South America, and the rates per GB, are much higher than for other regions.

I do not know how Stackpath performance is.
Nevertheless, the pricing as far I can see, is flat for all regions.


Hi @raizboim,

We recently conducted CDN benchmarking just to see which CDN performs well.
These benchmarking results might help you in taking the decision.

Read WordPress CDN Benchamarking.

Ibad ur Rehman


Hi @ibad.rehman,
Thanks for your suggestion. I had read the article before posting the question.
I am most focus about their performance with traffic from South America.

In addition, I was expecting a personal experience.
They do not answer question about set up unless you are logged in.
For now, I am evaluating which CDN to choose, because still I have credit in my Keycdn account.

What I already know, is that they don’t have a friendly way to setup Lets Encrypt like in Kkeycdn.


If you what to use stackpath CDN, DONT USE CLOUDWAYS CDN, don´t get cheated yourself, you cannot configure stackpath options by your own, also you will never know the consumption as consumption counter in cloudways is not working, and the cloudways support regarding CDN is really bad.


Conclusion: I didnt licked Stackpath support. They are elusive answering questions. I had to ask cloudways support, to know that Stackpath don’t has a friendly way to setup let’s encrypt.
I choose to go with Bunnycdn. They are as fast as Keycdn and much more affordable. Very good support. They don’t have a monthly fee. Friendly interface. Let’s Encrypt integration. Everything ok until now. Pricing is more convenient than Stackpath.


Hi @francisco.porras,

Thank you for pointing out the possible issue. I investigated the counter issues and found out its working perfectly fine. Could you share some more details regarding the issues you are facing in Cloudways CDN?

Ibad Rehman


Hello @raizboim,

We charge only $1 for 25GB and additional consumption cost only $0.04 per GB. Integration of Let’s Encrypt SSL is also very simply using Cloudways platform. If you come across any issues; I suggest you to post it here so we can resolve it.


Ibad Rehman


This was the beginning of the thread:

However I am totally satisfied with my current CDN: Bunnycdn.
Great price and support. I have an average cost of $ 0.0432 per GB. Which is really low considering that 90% of my traffic is from South America. Of course for Europe & North America, the cost is as low as $ 0.01 / GB.


give cloudflare a try, and its free


Hi @francisco.porras
I have been there. Few years ago. Sorry, didn’t like. I don’t know if they improve their services since then.


Use it is way cheaper and really fast, the guy who own it is always helping out … I am really happy with BunnyCDN.


@bohlin @francisco.porras @ibad.rehman

Glad to hear that. I am using their services, since a few months a go. I agree, Dejan Pelzel gives very great support. No blind spots, every thing clear. BunnyCdn is trustworthy and affordable.