Any tips for pushing changes from a staging site to a live site?


I’ve read the documentation, where they suggest just cloning the app, but I’m not clear on what this does to IP addresses and SSL certificates.

How do other people handle this?

Does Cloudways have any improved tools for this in the works?


Hi @paul.raphaelson

I would suggest having a look at the comments section on WordPress staging post.


I am not a tech savvy, I don’t use Git for version controlling or anything like that.

What I do is clone websites that require major changes on a different application on same server.

Once the changes are done on the dev site I import latest data from the live site to dev site and then point domain to dev site. After that I apply SSL and configure contact forms. I know that is a lot more work, but that is how I approach it.

I usually keep old website copy as backup and mark it with a date.


Hi Talon,

I am about to do the same and follow your steps in swapping live with staging. What do mean by import the latest data? How do you do that?

Do you just assign the domain of the live site to the staging site? Since the IP is the same, the domain name will now point to the new application?