Any moodlers here?

Hi ,
I have just begun hosting my moodle instance on cloud ways . If there are any other moodlers in this community , please lets get connected to each other through this platform . We can discuss the best practices and resolve any other issues we might have .



I am new to Cloudways coming over from Go Daddy for a number of WordPress sites but have also picked up a new project and am moving Cloud Moodle over to Cloudways. So I have installed the APP and am about to migrate the data from cloud over to my own instance of Moodle. So I don’t have any comments per say yet but would love to compare notes. - Thanks Skeeter

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Hey guys,

I have been using Moodle on Cloudways now for about 10 months. Would be happy to help if i can.

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Hi Westflow - Yes I would love to trade some notes or best practices with you. How best to reach you? My direct email is thanks

I also have got a moodle-project running on cloudways. Anyone there who has got experiences with upgrading to 3.4? Or is it better to wait till 3.5?
Does anyone know a simple step by step-instruction for upgrading?

Thank you

Hi there, glad to see we’re a growing community now :slight_smile:


I am trying to install Moodle but I am stuck in the server checks section

This is what I have to fix

Your database uses Antelope as the file format. Full UTF-8 support in MySQL and MariaDB requires the Barracuda file format. Please switch to the Barracuda file format

For full support of UTF-8 both MySQL and MariaDB require you to change your MySQL setting ‘innodb_large_prefix’ to ‘ON’

Does anybody how to fix it ?