Another clone app bug



A bug in the app cloning process which needs addressing:

When cloning an app to the same server the cloned application folder is given a new unique name.

When cloning an app to a different server the clone process uses the source app’s folder name on the destination server. This leads to a problem if the app has previously been cloned as the destination server will already have a folder with this name. This causes the clone process to fail with an error.

Like many design agencies I have a ‘template’ application that I use for all new clients. I clone this template app and then customise for the relevant client. This clone bug means that after the first clone to a new server every subsequent clone to that same server fails. I’m forced to first clone the template app on the originating server to force a unique folder name, then clone that app across to the new destination server. Long winded and laborious.

Please make the cloning process, if it encounters the ‘application name already exists’ error on the destination server then it should just generate a new unique folder name in the same way it does for same-server clones.



Cloning can some time become really tricky as there are many things to keep in mind, as cloning process also clones the database user, as we know that there can’t be 2 databases with same name so we tackled this situation by changing the name of app user and the database name If the application is cloned on the same server, but if the app is being cloned on another server we keep the name same as it is so if you already clone your app to destination server which means that the DB and app user gets created therefore, the integrity check will deny it.

I hope you understand the situation here, what you can do is that you clone the application on the same server first, this will cause the app name and DB name to change and then clone the app with the different app username and db name to your destination server.

Shah Faizan


Hi Faizan,

Thanks for the explanation - what you suggest is what I know do, but it’s an annoying amount of steps to have to go to. If it’s possible to rename everything for a local clone, why the decision NOT to rename things when cloning to a new server. Is there a technical problem with renaming when going to a new server?

It would be lovely if it was either renamed regardless of destination or there was a tick box to chose to force a rename even on new servers.



Yes I understand this but unfortunately, it is not possible in the current stack. You can give this as a feedback at

Shah Faizan


Yes, this would be awesome. It requires 2x cloning to make this work right now. First I have to clone to current server. Then I have to clone that new clone to other server. Then I have delete the first clone. Insane process. There should be an option that allows you to checkmark, “keep installation name, or create new name” when cloning to another server. - This allows you to create multiple backups, Something like this would be ideal.