Announcing the Top Users for the month of December (2017)

Happy New Year everyone!

With 2017 coming to an end, we are thinking of new ways to move every area of Cloudways forward. Starting with our newly introduced Community forum we are going to announce Two Top Contributors of the forum on the last day of every month.

The contributors will get a badge of “Top Contributor of the Month” that will stay with them for as long as they are on this forum.

December 2017’s top contributors of the month are:

@victor.dorfman for writing and sharing his guide: [Guide] Set up your own email server on AWS

@MikeC for opening a lot of useful topics.

That’s not all! I would like to mention some of the awesome posts that drove a lot of conversations on this forum as well.

1- Optimising wordpress expert required opened by @paul
2- Redirect http:// to https:// and more opened by @kaipi
3- Can I Put Multiple Domains on a Single Server? opened by @kurt
4- Adding WooCommerce (Varnish) support to an existing wordpress site opened by @sheryl

The conversations that happen on this forum definitely help everyone learn ways to better use Cloudways, and at Cloudways we value the contributors. Thank you.

  • Ahsan