Announcing Breeze - Free WordPress Cache Plugin by Cloudways

Great news for WordPress enthusiasts who are looking to ditch the hassle of setting up complex WordPress cache plugins. Cloudways has launched Beta version of its WordPress cache plugin, namely Breeze.

Breeze boasts powerful optimization features such as Internal cache, Minification, Database optimization, and GZip compression. In addition to this, Breeze provides perfect support for Varnish cache and CDN.

The best part? Breeze is easy-to-setup and absolutely Free! And it is compatible with Cloudways servers.

Read the full story of Breeze on our blog.


Fantastic! Can I replace the total wp cache that already comes by default? Does it work with Woocommerce?

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I tried Breeze and was amazed by the speed of the site, I was already happy with WP Fastest Cache and even with W3TC before trying Breeze. Really amazing so far, congratulations on this awesome plugin.

However I have my two cents of feeback based on my own experience with Breeze. I ran into some issues between Breeze and Wodpress Mobile Pack plugin, since Breeze does not have an option to specify the list of Rejected user agents, that causes WP Mobile Pack plugin to keep loading the mobile version of the site even when visiting it from the desktop browser.

Here is a link from WP Mobile Pack site, explaining how that setting could affect the site if the cache plugin does not support specifying a list of rejected user agents. Not sure if there is a way around this issue, I reached out to support but they weren’t able to help since this is such a brand new plugin. Due to this issue I might have to switch back to WPFC/W3TC.

Anyways, congrats on this awesome plugin. Honestly I was amazed with how fast the site works with Breeze. Can’t wait to see it grow into a killer cache plugin with support for additional options like the one I mentioned here.

Best Regards,

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Hi @ederwp

Yes - it is fully compatible with WooCommerce and you can replace W3TC with Breeze, but make sure to test it on a staging site first. :slight_smile:


I just made a test on one of the site I have at cloudways

the results are better first with Wp Rocket than Breeze

any comments ?

Just installed on our site, re: URL paths for excluded files, does it take the same syntax as W3 total cache? So /cart* for example?

I had the same… WPRocket was faster by about 50%

also, Breeze doesn’t currently set ‘Remove query strings from static resources’ which would go someway to improving the speed.

I really like the idea of Breeze, especially if it means I no longer need to pay for WPRocket

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i have not found breeze to be fully compatible with woocommerce, in fact i had to turn it off after testing revealed cart items could not be deleted. i will wait unti you or others test more.

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Hi Chris,

Can you PM me your website URL, we will check it? Breeze is in beta and we are looking for feedback on things to improve in it.