Allow Parent Account to become team member on other accounts


I think Cloudways should really add the support for adding Parent accounts as team members on other accounts.

Managing multiple emails is hectic and keeping two windows logged in all the time isn’t productive.


Hi @wesleymgto

Thanks for your feedback. I have submitted your request here:

You can add your comments or upvote the idea to follow it. Once there is an update regarding this request you will receive a notification via email.


I had a problem with team accounts weeks ago and have heard nothing back yet. Essentially if one of the accounts which had added me as a Team Member removed me, it removed me from all accounts and deleted my Team Member account. Any word on a fix for that? (Cause I would want that fixed before this feature is implemented – no one wants their whole hosting account deleted too.)


Hi Roy,

This does not happen usually. It seems that it was a temporary issue. Currently, deleting a team member from any primary account will not delete it from another primary account.

Regarding the new suggested feature, we will make sure to test it before making it live that deleting team member will remove only the rights on the other primary account(not deleting the primary account of the client itself).


The problem is actually worse than just not being able to be a team member. My email was used once years ago to create a trial account, and now it can’t be used as a team member. A deleted account can’t be used as a team member!