Admin panel URL doesn't work

I’ve just for the first time created a cloudways account with a Wordpress app hosted on it.

I opened the Wordpress site and one of the settings I could change was Wordpress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). I changed these.

After this, when I try to open the Wordpress site (in Cloudways > Access details > Admin panel) it tries to go to the address that I entered in the Wordpress settings and doesn’t actually exist.
So now I can’t open my Wordpress site anymore… How to make this work again…?

Found the solution:

  1. In Cloudways, go to Applications and select the Application
  2. Under Access Detaills, select: Launch Database Manager
  3. Select the table wp_options and click on “select data”.
  4. Set the values for the first two options (siteurl and home) back to the original url.