A need help with WooCommerce


Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my bad english, is not my native language.
I have a question about the woocommerce platform. Is it possible to display a
message in all of the products that says “Check Stock Via Chat or Email
before buy” or something like that? Because i don’t have a system that controls
stock, so i want that people ask for it like in a real shop. Is it possible? With
a plugin or something like that? I will really appreciate some help.

Thank you.


Hi @n.perezbus

Kindly clear the scenario.

You want to manage stock of your products before use to buy it?
You want to chat with user before buy the product just to confirm stock is available?


you can manage stock directly from the woocommerce product editor


There are also sitewide banner plugins.


I set up a product reporting script which sends every purchase to a google sheet where quantities can be checked you can also use the new import feature to bulk change or update info for the week or when ever you need. You can see the script at www.github.com/marshallsbest