503s on my server

Hey guys, I have a few (6) low traffic sites on a single Vultr box. Things were working fine till last week sometime when a couple of my sites started throwing 503s for several CSS/JS and image assets. I have Cloudlfare so I tried disabling that to rule it out. No dice. Increased memory and execution limit. No change. Tried disabling varnish at the server. Still no change.

I write to support on Monday and their first response is “can you please check again” (no indication of what they did). Nothing has changed. They get bcak to me today 2 dasys later and tell me several CSS and JS files are throwing 503s and the HTTP site is working. I have really simple SSL installed and all the assets throwing 503s are over https. Does anyone have a clue about what is going on? The Free CPU and Memory utilization graphs show no strange behavior and seem to indicate a lot of headroom

PS: Cloudways support is like talking to my 3 year old neice! Can you hire some actual techies please?

Ok, day 3 I’m told this is either Cloudflare or the theme itself, but nothing on the server. I am glad (and hopeful) they actually checked to see it is nothing on the server. Will bypass CF entirely and check. Please consider this resolved

Retry the URL from the address bar again by clicking the reload/refresh button, or pressing F5 or Ctrl+R.

Even though the 503 Service Unavailable error means that there’s an error on another computer, the issue is probably only temporary. Sometimes just trying the page again will work.

Restart your router and modem, and then your computer or device, especially if you’re seeing the “Service Unavailable - DNS Failure” error.

While the 503 error is still most likely the fault of the website you’re visiting, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the DNS server configurations on your router or computer, which a simple restart of both might correct.

Another option is to contact the website directly for help. There’s a good chance that the site’s administrators already know about the 503 error, but letting them know, or checking the status on the problem, isn’t a bad idea.