Trial Server Expired


Once trial expired, this is what happened…

  • We did upgrade. Still, there was no server.

  • All Sites still down.

  • Had to contact support for asking them to restore.

  • Got new IP. Now, need to update in all 10 apps DNS.

  • Need to update domain name also at Cloudways.

  • Need to install SSL again.

Why not simply restore everything instead of making this hassle experience?


All could be avoided upgrading before expiry. Not their fault, in my opinion. Nobody is perfect, but blame others for your own mistakes isn’t fair, at least.


My question is still same.


Not worth discussing anything further as client said, they didn’t received any email before server went deleted.


Hello @gulshankumar,

I’m sorry for the unpleasant experience you and your client had recently. As @fabiofava already pointed out, it is recommended to upgrade before the trial expires to avoid such hassle. However, if your server still got deleted, you can request our customer support for recovery.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman


Do you have a backup of your data or Cloudways might have it. Check with thier tech team.



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Dear Akshay, we could restore one by one following above steps. All that hassle could have been saved if there were better notification system.