Suggestion for Staging Site: don't convert email addresses


Whenever I sync from the live site to the staging site, all urls automatically convert from to, which is great … except for the administrative email addresses. I don’t have (or want) separate admin email addresses at

They have to be manually converted (a multi-step process, because there’s both a main site address and an admin account address, and both require confirmation via an emailed link). If I don’t convert, I get flurries of bounced emails from various plugins.

Could Cloudways at least include an option to not convert email addresses?


Cloudways really needs to fix this. Their search/replace process for the domain during migration isn’t specific enough and is replacing things ilke this where it shouldn’t.

Shouldn’t be too hard to write an exclusion for anywhere that the domain name is preceded by the “@” symbol.

Probably worth entering this as a feature request too.


Hello @paul4,

We have fixed the issue. Kindly check and acknowledge.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager


Definitely agreeing on this with Paul. I had to face some real issues because of this, even on Glad that you guys have now resolved this issue.