Scalability of Cloudways Wordpress


Cloudways Wordpress is very impressive to us.

But when comes to scalability, it seems there is only option to add more Memory or Storage, and it will not scale up and scale down dynamically like a auto-scalable web cluster.

Does anyone know what’s the largest capacity of Cloudways Wordpress server could be?
If a web site has 3M pageviews/page, does it still suitable to be hosted on Cloudways Wordpress?


Hi @ywang,

Thank you for contacting Cloudways community. The feature you have pointed out is currently available only with Kyup provider. You can define upscale threshold levels for both CPU cores and memory. Upscale triggers automatically when CPU utilization reaches to 90%.

Downscale is triggered when utilization falls to 40% and does not fall below than the initial server configuration. You may also enable any one of the features depending on the nature of your traffic.

Detailed information is available in this KB How to Enable Auto-scaling in Kyup

Ibad Rehman