Litespeed - Is it possible in the future?


Hi, I know Cloudways uses apache with NGINX as a reverse proxy. I was wondering if you had any plans to have an option for Litespeed?

I find that litespeed in comparison is 100x faster than Nginx as a reverse proxy. Nginx as a reverse proxy only speeds up static content and many of us use Wordpress that contains dynamic content.


My experience with Litespeed is that it is amazing! has a very good Litespeed stack.


Hi @erich_197,

Thank you for pointing out Litespeed. If there is a plan of bringing this technology to our existing stack; we will definitely announce it on our community and blog.



I would also be interested as litespeed seems the only real good solution for slow wordpress woocommerce shops…


Lightspeed would be great!


Yes please, any plan to bring it live other than “If we do it you will know on our blog”? Is it on your road map or not? It’s clearly a much better solution for WP than Nginx by all means. By the way, you can install a $5 droplet pre configured on Digital Ocean with LiteSpeed. Now with no clear answer from CW I’ll start migrating my clients to DO as the speed gain is just a no brainer.