Create access for developer to change specific items



How do I create limited access for an external developer to:

  1. change photo on the homepage

  2. change filenames of photos of our ecommerce store items, stored on server?



Hello @srowe,

There are several ways to do so. You can create a new user inside your WordPress site and give only the restricted access. Log into your WordPress dashboard and head over to Users and create a new user. Right at the end assign the role you think would be appropriate.

You may also refer to this WordPress doc for user roles.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager


Thanks -

New question: how do I (i) upload the photos my website needs for each product, with the correct URL and (ii) associate that image with a product?

Right now, a previous website administrator created files like but I don’t know how he “got them onto the website”.

-Do I create the photos externally to the website and name then with the right URL?

-and then how do I associate them with a new product whose data has uploaded, but which has no photo



URL provided above has nothing to do with the product itself except for the name at the end of the URL. You can upload images in whichever the order you think is right and then assign these images to their respective products by simply editing them inside your wp-admin.

Easiest way would be to navigate to each product from WordPress dashboard and inside the product detail page choose the featured image by uploading the images from your media library.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager