Choosing the right sized server


Hi - typically build stores for infrequent, very small user base, and always get by with the smallest Vultr or DO server.

But next project will have 10,000 user accounts, for a shop of 50 products. Expecting 300-500 orders per month. All users in USA (store is private, behind login). Unsure what minimum starting size should be.

Payments by “points” only, so not connecting to external payment processor. But I will have to import all user accounts, and then all points earned (weekly).

Beyond email notifications, the other external integrations will be Zapier to an eGiftCard supplier (maybe 350 times per month) and Shipstation (2-way x 300-500 per month).

Of Ram, Processor, Storage, and Bandwidth, which will be most critical factor in size choice?



What kind of programing or cms?

Besides the accounts, this is a near normal sized site if its wp and woo. You can start low and work up. For me, if your plugin count is reasonable, would go around 3 to 4 gig and 2 processors. Only you would know the needed storage, but Always go bigger than you need. You can really do it with less, but this is what Id shoot for with a decent budget.


Im interested in some input here as well.
We have a wordpress site with woocommerce and quite a lot of plugins (incl WPML).
Site was running very well on DigitalOcean 4GB 2 Core, but we got a huge influx of visitors in one hour (TV appearance) and the server really struggled and had huge loading times (17s instead of 2.3s).
So we’re planning to upgrade to 6 cores, but still wondering what would be enough. Any way to test this?